Klabautamann “Gott Schenkt Gift (2000)

This is a german band that runs internetwise mainly labeled as “black metal”. Of course I never care about those labels and this review might never even get released anyway, so be it.

Most of the stuff is boring metal shredding, but there are some fantastic intermezzos. I really like the piano in song #1 on this album, and there are some great avantgardistic moments found elsewhere too. Unfortunatly only moments. This is, according to the band’s homepage, Klabautamanns second demo.

To enlarge those moments i did a simple trick. Whilst the entire album was playing in my foobar 2000, I started song #1 in winamp on constant replay. In times where albums don’t have enough avantgarde themself, I believe it is morally ok to assist the artists to artificially increase their avantgardistic moments. This approach is not only funny, artsy-fartsy or kewl, it is also revolutionary to our general approach to music. I.e. if you don’t like Phil Collins, why not listen to this bugger whilst in parallel listening to Dillinger Escape Plan, Sadist or, be it, Klabautamann? Living in a consumer culture, isn’t ‘the more, the better’ what everything is about anyway? Power to the people!

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  2000
Label:  Independently
Avantgenre:  Port Side Pop
Duration:  32:36
Origin:  e. g. Deutschland
Official site:  http://www.klabautamann.de/
Review online since:  17.10.2007 / 13:41:14


01 – Gott Schenkt Gift
02 – Lataakuu
03 – Tod Ist Gut
04 – Hvite Smerte
05 – Autumn’s Breath
06 – Maligne Nekrophilie
07 – Der Marsch Der Geschundenen Seelen

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