Asmodee “Simulacres” (2004)

2. May 2018 Suleiman 0

Ah ! Album number # 2 . With the powerful opener, a number of factors soon become clear. The production has improved a little (it was already pretty good) and some of the songwriting kinks […]


Asgaroth “Red Shift” (2002)

2. May 2018 David 0

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Never? It’s marvellous! I spent two months there in summer last year and didn’t come back as the same person. There is a simply tremedously strong vibe in that […]


Arktika “Heartwrencher” (2010)

2. May 2018 Thor Joakimsson 0

-Thor Joakimsson  VITALS: Release:  2010Label:  Kreisel Kreisel RecordsAvantgenre:  Atmospheric Post Metal / RockDuration:  Two Long SongsOrigin:  Cologne / GermanyOfficial site: Review online since:  10.11.2010 / 16:18:40 TRACKLIST: 01 – Heartwrencher 02 – The Rest Of Your Life


Arcturus “The Sham Mirrors”

30. April 2018 David 0

I have many good memories about this album. Not just linked to the music at hand but most of all to the mind shifts it escorted me through! This album was my first conscious encounter […]

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