My Flea Circus “Fancy Feast” (2006)

Welcome to all of you! Let’s get caught in crippled fairytales of sugary horror and rough, brutal sweetness! “Let’s pretend we’re spiders!” That’s the beginning of My Flea Circus’s album “Fancy Feast” and it was chosen well. Listeners can, if they allow themselves to, get totally lost in the diverse sound structures by Nee Trauma (vocals/guitar) and Ryan Locke (drums). Their music can be described as an edgy, raw rock/metal with somehow – well, how to describe it? -dirty, throaty singing. And suddenly there are worms bouncing, making electric tunes, somehow in a childhood-like rhythm… Like a poor little boy’s or girl’s distorted nightmare. That’s how the whole album is. That’s how the lyrics are. About emotional abuse, about desperate, helpless kids, about houses breaking down and about worms, yeah… I recommend: turn up the volume and listen to it very loud! Thus you’ll realize the tension and pressure the songs behold. But don’t forget, the songs are like doors without hinges, without knobs and so they’re not easy to enter (take your time!), but once you are inside, you may never get out… and probably you won’t even want to get out anymore. At least until the last guitar tone of track 11 (the last track) echoes through your room.

Songs you should listen to:

Weasel (like a cruel lullaby)
Fear Of Worms (just strange)
F. Mannequin (child desperation)
Kid Into Machine (very pressuring somehow)

-Kevin Reichel


Release:  2006
Label:  My Flea Circus
Avantgenre:  Cotton Candy Trash Metal Punk
Duration:  34:25
Origin:  Canada
Official site:  None
Review online since:  04.12.2009 / 12:54:18

01 – Let’s Pretend We’re Spiders
02 – X Marks The Exorcist
03 – F. Mannequin
04 – P P C
05 – Mister Mittens
06 – Mrs. Louse
07 – Weasel
08 – Kid Into Machine
09 – Mudmother
10 – Storage Room
11 – Fear Of Worms



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