Moonspell “The Butterfly Effect” (1999)

Whilst listening to this album I kept wondering about 2 things. First of all: what was the mood in the band when they were in the studio and recorded this album and second: what did the producer think of the mood of the musicians when they were leaning over the studio gear (you know those huge machines with at least 2000 buttons and controllers). I am wondering about those two things because wondering, just like in that kids-rhyme, makes the world go round.

This might sound unrelated but I am actually wondering about way more things than those two. For example: what guitar strings were used while recording, which drugs were not taken and why, what kind of car does the bassist drive, how long is the distance between earth and moon in feet, how comes that James Dean is more famous than the director that shot his movies, if the band is annoyed by people that keep telling them that they did spell ‘moon’ correctly, if money is the most important thing, financially, in life, why the moon is male in German but female in Italian and, last but not least, why this album sounds like (in no particular order): Falco and barbwire, misspelled latte machiato, B.B. King steroids, teenagers with skinny legs, an interview with Manowar that has been translated from Greek to German to English to Swedish to German and then to Italian again. When the last song with the intriguingly cool name ‘K’ ended I was wondering how often one is supposed to clean his curtains.

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  1999
Label:  Century Media
Avantgenre:  Raiders Of The Found Ark-Metal
Duration:  57:22
Origin:  Portugal
Official site:
Review online since:  01.07.2007 / 19:04:37


01: Soulsick
02: Butterfly FX
03: Can’t Bee
04: Lustmord
05: Self Abuse
06: Am The Eternal Spectator
07: Soulitary Vice
08: Disappear Here
09: Adaptables
10: Angelizer
11: Tired
12: K

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