Stille Volk “Ex-uvies” (1998)

19. July 2020 James Slone 0

The French-Occitan folk outfit Stille Volk’s second album “Ex-uvies” is one strange, beautiful hybrid. The eccentric Pyrenees folk sound is still present, but worked over with a whole assortment of outside influences like prog, death […]


Stilla “Till Stilla Falla” (2013)

19. July 2020 Mystery Flame 0

Reality – larger than mans illusions or is it me? (DHG) FIRST LISTENING SESSION: You just know when something belongs to the exceptional category. How exactly exceptional is this release? Is it an album capable to […]


Star of Ash “Iter. Viator.” (2002)

19. July 2020 Tentakel P. 0

With Jester Records, you know you get outstanding pieces of music. I guess that should be common knowledge by now. And STAR OF ASH, amongst others, substantiate that allegation once more. SOA is, basically, PECCATUM […]


Spite Extreme Wing “Vltra” (2008)

19. July 2020 Suleiman 0

Once in while, something comes along that breathes new life into the old. It respects its past yet looks forward to the future. Such an entity is this record. While upon initial listening (while I […]

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