The Kovenant “Nexus Polaris” (1998)

2. January 2021 Polygon 0

For most bands and artists the crossing of the vanguard borderline seems to be something they try to avoid like a dangerous disease. Once they found their own style of expression, the natural drive is […]


The Kovenant “Animatronic” (1999)

2. January 2021 James Slone 0

“Animatronic” is bombastic and silly, a combination that has caused some heads to explode in the black metal scene. A BM fatwa was issued after the NWOBHM influenced, keyboard slathered “space metal” of “Nexus Polaris.” […]


The Great Old Ones “Tekeli-li” (2014)

2. January 2021 David Sano 0

Hailing from the Bordeaux region of France, THE GREAT OLD ONES deal exclusively in music inspired by H. P. Lovecraft (a recent promo photo has band members pictured alongside old Howard Phillips himself). On their […]


The Firstborn “The Noble Search” (2008)

2. January 2021 Jackson 0

Amongst most people to whom I’ve posited the idea, “Buddhist Metal” seems an oxymoron. The common perception of Buddhism as a philosophy of peace and happiness espoused by gentle smiling Buddhas seems incongruous with the […]


The DRX “The Deepening Hole” (2011)

2. January 2021 Suleiman 0

Salam, Aloha, Bonjour, Shalom, Hello and Hail ! Why the ecstatic greetings ? Well, this sector of the hive-mind has been in cryogenic suspension for the better part of two years, and recent re-animation has […]

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