Thy Catafalque “Rengeteg” (2011)

This is an excellent work to start following Thy Catafalque for those of you who are not familiar with the band and the musical path it leads. I find “Rengeteg” (which means “a lot” in Hungarian) a sophisticated, deep and sensational work. Even if many other reviewers admired the black metal tunes buried in this album, what attracks my attention in it the multitude of the feelings it creates.

My by-far the most favorite song in this album, Trilobita, exemplifies my point quite perfectly. The song which played in my jukebox for hundred something many times in a week does not only show how enjoyable it is, but perhaps shows how compulsive I can get when it comes to avantgarde music. This album is full of such tunes that you my easily get obsessed about. Melodies, that remind me of Bregovic and Kustirica sound, like a fun gypsy wedding where people consume buckets of home made vodka. The wedding in question could be one where even I can shake my gorgeous butt with the Thy Catafalque tunes.

Loner Tamás Kátai, without his buddy János Juhász, wrote this album with his modest equipment in gothic Edinburgh where the city’s dark skies have definitely been reflected into the overall concept of the album. Several guest vocals make the album an interesting melting pot of different traditions in metal, and thus a quite sophisticated experience for an avarage listener. Yet, if you are an avid avantgarde disciple, this album may give you hope, and raise your expectations for the muses that live on the banks of Danube.

– Can Baskent


Release:  November 2011 
Label:  Season Of Mist
Avantgenre:  Gypsy Wedding Metal
Duration:  59:55
Origin:  Hunary
Official site:
Review online since:  14.02.2012 / 01:00:34


1. Fekete mezők
2. Kel keleti szél
3. Trilobita
4. Kő koppan
5. Vashegyek
6. Holdkomp
7. Kék ingem lobogó
8. Az eső, az eső, az eső
9. Tar gallyak végül
10. Minden test fű

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