Ansur “Warring Factions” (2008)

30. April 2018 aVoid 0

First, some clarification and explanation is needed before beginning the review. There is progressive music, and then there is avant-garde music. The same music some might claim (perhaps not on this website though, but elsewhere […]


Anathema “Hindsight” (2008)

30. April 2018 Thor Joakimsson 0

Five years after the release of the latest full length record “A Natural Disaster”, England’s (most?) atmospheric rock band Anathema returns with a compilation album somewhere between the aesthetic approach of the “unplugged” sessions and […]


Anabiosis “Anabiosis” (2009)

30. April 2018 Simon Brand 0

So, progressive metal. A lot can be said about this genre, and comments tend to be cut from either the “You just don’t get it” bunch or the “It’s a load of highly skilled musicians […]


Anaal Nathrakh “Eschaton” (2006)

30. April 2018 Jobst 0

Anaal Nathrakh, the dirty baby of Englishmen Mick Kenney and Dave Hunt, is all about fusion. Fusion of the rotten, the cold and the filthy, into a pile of infested scum and litter, encrusted with […]

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