Discordance Axis “The Inalienable Dreamless” (2000)

How can Grindcore’s grisly works
Achieve consideration
For enshrinement in the genteel house
Of Art throughout the ages
A form designed and
Bred for violence
A paragon of ugly
Stretching filthy fingers always
Profane defilement in its touch
What gatekeeper could admit
Such undesirable company
Into lofty marbled halls
Of most precious human yearning?

And yet Discordance Axis
Three men from Nowhere Jubilant
Toiling in the shadow
Of Empire’s Shining Nexus

As one they shape a plaintive cry
A screaming across forever
Born not from peace
Of serene retreat nor
Sacred hall of learning
Rather a screaming
From basement cold from
Dim neglected tomb
From hallways where
In jaundiced light
Dreamers exhaust their youth

From the body’s confines
The spirit is free
To fly on upward gaze
To puncture the sky
A thousand times
With vision absolute
To catch the blood
Upon the palette
Of imagination
To streak across
The wounded dome
In gray and metallic blue

Seventeen brief eulogies
Penned for fallen skies
Each measured and sliced
Exact and precise
By shrewd keeper of time

Seventeen heartfelt laments
For puzzles left unsolved
A voice so beset
By ghosts and regrets
That he prepares to drown

Seventeen melodious murals
Of sublime unworldly hue
Autumnal touch
Of the master’s brush
That paints each scene anew

Mapping of Inhabitat
In deepest bittersweet
Where boundless possibility
And cruel experience meet


Rites of spring
Climax with acts of
Laughing self-mutilation


Fan dancers pirouette among
The wire guided flock
Restless demon churns and
Spews out artful catechisms


Angels swing their souls aloft
Delicate as paper kites
While shadowless ghosts
Trapped below
Conspire in jealous whispers


Spirit lover’s lonely howls
Induce a symphony of glimmers
A sympathetic and kind caress
Nearly makes him whole


Raging bull in china shop
Pauses to reflect
In just whose life
Is he living?
Will the pieces ever fit?


Battered prophet marches up
Sharply inclining hill
Each leaden stride a masterpiece
Testament to his will
Each heavy stone and jarring thud
Each bruise upon the bone
Will bring him closer
To perfection
It is all he’s ever known


Exhausted figure bobs at sea
In storm of his own making
A mummy lost upon the waves
A figure now forsaken
A light blinks out within his eyes
He’s not willing to be saved
The weight of something held within
Pulls him down into his grave

And so just perhaps
By dint of pure expression
By symphony magnificent and
Haunting in its essence
A humble space
In the halls perhaps
Somewhere out of the way
A space obscured
Under lights dimmed low
For the inductee this day
A place among the eminences
For artifact important
The Inalienable Dreamless
By Axis of Discordance

-David Sano


Release:  August 2000
Label:  Hydra Head Records
Avantgenre:  Sweeping Vision Of Grindcore Possibility
Duration:  23:21
Origin:  United States
Official site:  http://discordanceaxis.bandcamp.com/album/the-inalienable-dreamless
Review online since:  22.03.2014 / 18:00:53


01 – Castration Rite
02 – The Inalienable Dreamless
03 – Sound Out The Braille
04 – Oratorio In Grey
05 – Vacuum Sleeve
06 – Angel Present
07 – The Necropolitan
08 – Pattern Blue
09 – The End Of Rebirth
10 – Loveless
11 – Radiant Arkham
12 – Use Of Weapons
13 – Compiling Autumn
14 – Jigsaw
15 – The Third Children
16 – A Leaden Stride To Nowhere
17 – Drowned

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