Dol Ammad “Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed” (2012)

Majestic and martial the giant spaceship is landing. Turbo engines blow clouds of stardust. A threatening droning and wardrums shake the earth. And suddenly a furious tornado explodes into hyperspeed. Raging drums and pumping guitars ride the storms of fury. Electronic devices blubber in madness. And a majestic choir screams the arrival of “Magus Invicta”, the first song of DOL AMMAD’s new epos. The fast killer opener glides right into the mysterious echoing flutes of “Noctis Labyrinthus”. This solemn hymn streams like the nocturnal ships of Hades through the night. A brilliant instrumental part slowly transforms this song into the sinister creeping magma of “Golden Phantasma”.

Clear, light choirs finally herald the arrival of the “Titan Warriors”, again a sparkling lightspeed song with fast drums and celestial keyboards and choirs that shoots like a crystal rocket through space. It melts into “Xenocide” driving the song even more brutal. And after an explosion and a solo of myriad drums the “Stargate Pyramid” shimmers in lucid light. Epic choirs let the nectar flow and all drink. But suddenly the voices get hysteric – it’s a trap. Electronic effects dismember the choir into fluctuations – it’s a trap.

Will there be escape? I won’t reveal it. Because you have to find out and buy DOL AMMAD’s latest masterpiece “Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed”. The great artwork of the digipak CD and the exclusive vinyl edition gives you a real juwel for your record collection. The production is marvelous, clear and ethereal and fat and powerful at the same time. Again mastermind Thanasis Lightbridge has raised all his forces to create an Opus Magnum. And he shows us that true avant-garde metal and chart hits can be one.

This album is a milestone of epic electro metal and gives you hymn by hymn a whole universe of majestic choirs, futuristic synthesizers, unforgettable hit melodies, brilliant arrangements and brutal, sophisticated metal sounds. No matter if you are searching for a brain-expanding mindtrip, a brutal innovative metal album, a journey through the wealth of synth music or even a pulsing dancefloor hitalbum for your disco anno 2200, “Hyperspeed” will bring you to new dimensions. My personal favorite for the best AGM album of the year 2012.



Release:  2012
Label:  ElectronicARTmetal
Avantgenre:  Epic Science Fiction Metal
Duration:  43:24
Origin:  Greece
Official site:
Review online since:  16.07.2012 / 21:16:38


01. Magus Invicta
02. Noctis Labyrinthus
03. Golden Phantasma
04. Titan Warriors
05. Xenocide
06. Stargate Pyramid
07. Omniversal God
08. Hyperspeed
09. Supernova
10. Caravan Of Mars
11. Seeds Of Life

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