DK Dance “La Decroissance” (2008)

A Noisy chaotic sounding hints at the insanity to come. As it breaks into the title track, you know you are in for truly fucked up ride. Harsh vocals meld with industrial strength beats and chugging guitars for a whole that is entertaining and angry as fuck as the same time. This manages to sound nothing like the current school of industrial metal, instead opting for more old school industrial and punk influences amidst the chaos. The second track “Gapin’ Above the Day Dream” is more dance able but still raging and harsh. The dual vocals up the intensity into a near black metal range , a trait noticeable throughout the record. “La Brave Attitude” continues the onslaught, going up another notch, almost cyber grinding into places.

The overall sound is an electro-metal freak’s wet dream, avoiding most modern cliches. The speed and male/female vocals along with angry vibe, make this a band a logical darker and more metal successor to Atari Teenage Riot’s early sound. Skinny Puppy’s more psychopathic moments are also channeled, albeit through a near extreme metal filter (“Little Tirant”). This had me wishing I understood French, because they really sound pissed.The black metal chords and chordings works wonders in the fast and hard industrial maelstorm (“Sous L’Emprise Des Balles”). The drums tones are distorted to the point of near saturation and provide a great beat to this extreme industrial punk raging. “Errance” is composed a little different from the rest, alternating between between more mid-tempo and cyber grind sections. The female angry punk vocals and the male extreme metal vocals provide great contrast.

“Barricades Contre Boucliers” is different relatively calmer track, and sounds even more demented as a result. It honestly sounds like lunatics (as in really mentally deranged) with samplers. The bonus track is killer closer too.

If want to see how the late 80’s and early 90’s digital hardcore scene would have developed without the influence of Ministry, NIN etc this is surely your ticket to aural hell. France does it again. Wonderful !

And yeah, I forgot to mention, this album along with the band’s older releases are all available for free from the band’s myspace page (link above). Here’s to the death of the record industry !



Release:  2008
Label:  D-Trash
Avantgenre:  Electro Punk-Metal
Duration:  27:10
Origin:  France
Official site:
Review online since:  25.07.2008 / 03:33:30


01 – Un Trop
02 – La Décroissance (Ft Antioche Kirm)
03 – Gapin’ Above The Day Dream
04 – La Brave Attitude
05 – Little Tirant
06 – L’Emprise Des Balles
07 – Errance
08 – Barricades Contre Boucliers (E261)
09 – Bonus – Vocations (De Rene Biname)

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