Cervix “Contemplating Death” (2007)

11. March 2021 Suleiman 0

First of all, Im thoroughly disqualified to review this. I know next to nothing of the ‘noise’ sub-genre, despite repeated attempts at penetrating this most terrifying and avant-garde of genres. Discordant I can understand and […]


Burzum “Fallen” (2011)

11. March 2021 Maxwell Rock 0

A year and a half. That is the period of time it took Varg Vikernes to record the first four Burzum albums back in the early 90s. Though, if it weren’t for Varg’s characteristic madman […]


Blue Deers “Blue Deers” (2007)

11. March 2021 Ulv 0

As great it is to listen to it, good music is sometimes very hard to describe. The sounds and music are composed and preformed by “two mule deers”, as the band claims. To make it […]


BJÖRK “Medulla” (2004)

11. March 2021 Tentakel P. 0

The release of this album went completely past me somehow, although it so happened that I stumbled upon it just a week later. Being an admirer of BJÖRK’s strange soundscapes since the time she became […]


Beyond Dawn “Frysh” (2003)

11. March 2021 James Slone 0

“Frysh” signaled Beyond Dawn’s move from gloomy Swans-influenced post-black metal to significantly less glum electropop. “Frysh” plays like a heavier, harder-driving Air album. The production is spacious, accommodating the deeply textured music. The guitar sound […]


Beastmilk “Use Your Deluge” EP (2012)

11. March 2021 aVoid 0

In the musical history of Mat “Kvohst” McNerney, you could plot two narratives (simplified, mind you). The main one leading via CODE and DHG to the current HEXVESSEL, the subplot exploring different sides of dark […]


Aun & Allseits “Irrlicht” (2008)

11. March 2021 Oliver Side 0

Irrlicht translates to the mysterious folklore entity will-o’-the-wisp, feu follet in French, from the Latin ignis fatuus, nowadays also called ball lightning by plasma researchers in Israel who supposedly have reproduced the phenomenon with a microwave drill. These […]

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