Beyond Dawn “Frysh” (2003)

“Frysh” signaled Beyond Dawn’s move from gloomy Swans-influenced post-black metal to significantly less glum electropop. “Frysh” plays like a heavier, harder-driving Air album. The production is spacious, accommodating the deeply textured music. The guitar sound is rock (with some country and jazz inflections), but it is so reverb laden and layered it sounds almost sampled- it just hangs in the air like blue smoke at a nightclub. Some of the electronics beep away like 8-bit music you’d hear in a Nintendo game, but are far more danceable, a disco Star Tropics if you will. Vocalist and guitarist Espen Weltschmertz’s voice still retains some of the Michael Gira drawl, but he definitely escapes comparison with some dry observational lyrics delivered in a voice that ranges from playful to pleasantly despondent; he seems almost amused at the prospect of being a front man. The album is soothing despite the generally up-tempo songs, a relaxing cruise through the warmer climes of dance pop. I recommend smoking a joint and kicking back with a Mojito when listening, in a dimly lit lounge if possible.

-James Slone


Release:  2003
Label:  Peaveville
Avantgenre:  Psychedelic Electropop
Duration:  68:17
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  None
Review online since:  09.09.2007 / 13:44:56


01 – Far From Showbiz
02 – Increasing The Gravity
03 – Among The Sedatives
04 – Righteous Underground
05 – The Right People
06 – Right Money
07 – Maybe Deeper
08 – TRNQL
09 – Severed Survival
10 – Bloody Comeback
11 – At Ritas
12 – Strange Relief
13 – Decreasing The Gravity
14 – The Beyond Brain

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