Yurei “Working Class Demon” (2009)

8. May 2018 Oliver Side 1

Since we have featured an interview with Norwegian multi-instrumentalist composer Bjeima in the past, this will permit me to avoid spreading unnecessary information about Yurei, one of his one-man bands. Hailing from Norway, this rather obscure project […]


Yoga “Megafauna” (2009)

8. May 2018 Matthew Kinne 0

Yoga are the manifestation of utterly frightening subjective culminations put to sound. I remember when i was an 11 year old kid the first time I had heard Slayer “hell awaits” and the intro seeping […]


Yakuza “Way of the Dead” (2002)

8. May 2018 Klearhos 0

Have you ever wondered what could happen if samurais, instead of performing their famous suicidal seppuku custom, were self-exiled to play music in the land of Jazz & blues? Such a code of ethics is […]


Zenzic “Divided By Zero” (2009)

8. May 2018 Simon Brand 0

Since it’s conception, I have always been weary of Mathcore. It’s a genre with a very, very fine line of what is interesting and intelligent, and what is just at 30 minute-odd mindless atonal wank-session. […]


Devil Doll “Dies Irae” (1996)

6. May 2018 James Slone 0

The legendary art rockers Devil Doll (not to be confused with the American rockabilly band of the same name) have influenced just about every weird, theatrical or gothic metal band in Europe, and yet they are still […]


Demilich “Nespithe” (1993)

6. May 2018 Simon Brand 0

You know THAT friend that you had in high school? The one who is clinically insane and can usually do some pretty odd things with his body? Well, this one can burp non-stop, and he […]

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