Zimmer´s Hole “Legion of Flames” (2001)

Two points first: 1. I guess Steven Spielberg would not like this album. 2. Great song lengths on this beautiful piece of contemporary art.
I will provide you with some made up ish-adjectives on this one: sexyish (i.e. #01 1000 miles of cock), deathmetalish (i.e. #02: Death to the Dodgers of soap), funnyish (i.e. #16: Gaysong), interestinglish (i.e. #01 to #20) redefinishionish (i.e. #13: Doggy Style), educationalish (i.e. #06: Aerometh), anti-metallicaish (i.e. #07: Evil Robots), intelectualish (i.e. #08: Gender of the beast), militaryish (i.e. #04: Legion of flames), hardcorish (i.e. #11: Sodomanaz) to name but a few. Some of the adjectives were made up by me but are not subject to any copyright whatsoever.
This album is a musical encyclopaedia of every song ever produced between 1973 and 2011 (LCD-Soundsystem, doh), not taking the sources serious but themselves, which is a _good_ thing per definition. I just wish they would be touring my hometown (headlining over S.O.D. and Twisted Sisters) and burn the gear of the others at the end of each show. This review is pretty short, for I spend most of the time in Photoshop but Notepad designing myself a Zimmer’s Hole tattoo, which I will be getting in 2 1/2 hours (note my sexy legs!):

Jonny Lignano


Release:  2001
Label:  Hevy Devy Records/Century Media Records
Avantgenre:  Post-Motörhead Discurse Rock
Duration:  50:18
Origin:  USoA
Official site:  http://www.legionofflames.com
Review online since:  01.07.2007 / 11:22:14


01 – The Hole Is the Law
02 – Death to the Dodgers of Soap
03 –  Re-Anaconda
04 – Legion of Flames
05 – Well of Misfortune
06 – Aerometh
07 – Evil Robots
08 – Gender of the Beast
09 – Rock Move 47
10 – 1000 Miles of Cock
11 – Sodomanaz
12 – That’s How Drunks Drink
13 – Doggy Style
14 – This Flight Tonight
15 – White Trash Momma
16 – Gaysong
17 – Mushroom Mattress
18 – Satan Is a Gay Porno Star
19 – Platinum Shine
20 – The Death of the Resurrection of the Death of Metal

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