Descartes a Kant “Paper Dolls” (2001)

Woah, that is quite strange. I’m not even sure whether I should put a review of this band/album on our Avantgarde-Metal page, because it is just unclassifiable. Metal? Sometimes, maybe, could be aggressive punk rock or hard rock as well. But avantgarde? Yes, always. Definetly. If this band isn’t avantgarde, then what else? They combine so many different styles, it isn’t easy to classify the styles at all. The band itself says they are inspired by musicians such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dresden Dolls, Ute Lemper, Rasputina, Danny Elfman or Sonic Youth. Now imagine all those bands having a crippled baby that is very very badly treated. What I mean is, mix them up and put a whole lot of aggressive brutality, weirdness and schizophrenia into it. The songs cross despite their limited length (usually 2 minutes, sometimes shorter, rarely longer) genres like pop, punk, cabaret and hard rock or metal. The singer’s voice jumps like the style from a little sweetly girly sound to a screaming woman noise. It’s like always: Like it or not. Like the lyrics that are usually pretty like straight in your face or like them not. I love all of it and I hope you’ll give them a chance. This band needs as much support as possible. Music is available on iTunes, CD’s, though, are hard to get, because they don’t deliver them to any place in the world. Just check it out, if you like the bands listed above, the different genres or just sick sick stuff.

By the way, it should be praised that their pronunciation is quite good. Quite good English language.

Songs you should listen to:

Dolce – bitterly beautiful
My Sweetest Headache Waltz – simply sick
Mommy – obviously offensive
E Frigia Pop – ardently aggressive

-Kevin Reichel


Release:  2001
Label:  Intolerancia Records
Avantgenre:  Bipolar Cheerleader Hard Noise
Duration:  25:48
Origin:  Mexico
Official site:  None
Review online since:  04.10.2009 / 15:00:54


01 – Atascatto
02 – Dolce
03 – My Sweetest Headache Waltz
04 – Perigree
05 – Hello Tarantino
06 – Jesse Lee
07 – Manigui Bordello
08 – Mommy
09 – Antidoll
10 – Babossa Nova
11 – Ladie’s Coat
12 – E Frigia Pop
13 – Punkin Pie

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