Yak “Iron Flavoured Candies” (2008)

A quick and sharp sample starts off the first track with an edge, and from the get go you know this is going to be rough ride. Angular disjointed guitars clash with poly rhythyms and ugly vocals, as jazzy undercurrents provide that much needed touch of lunacy. A minute and a half of the first song opens the wound, and the pain pours in. The next track is dark layered hip-hop track with good and bizarre rhymes, where its hard to make out if the band is taking the piss or serious. The anger comes in short intermittent bursts and a mid section from Faith No More heaven makes me smile. This is good stuff !

“insects eat your car” rocks hard, again combining a distinctly 90’s funk-metallic sound to modern ugly core. Swinging horns complete the trip to the nut bin. This is loud rocking grooving rock music, the kind that bands stopped making awhile ago, around the time Mike Patton, Roddy and co. said goodbyes. Their is so much going on in each song, without being boring ala modern chaos/tech mathcore. Just the above mentioned song has enough moody basslines and mutant twists to warrant a valium/prozac combo. “snuff in copacabana” starts out in copacanaba, but then the snuff kicks in. Lovely !

“death! im on your side” bring in some slow electronica to the mix,showing the kind of schizophrenia more common with mid period Mr.Bungle but again retaining a mood all their own.

“rebus (1,2,3,4,5)” brings back the hip hop groove only to ram it head on into dillinger-esque violence and meshuggah influenced rhythym rape. Odd samples fill in the devil that is the details, making most songs deserving of multiple listens just for discovering the layers you missed the first time around.”my god” features some great melodic vocals to counter the bursts of aggro-core. Overall the band is less metal and more core, but yet so far removed from either as to be in its own genre. There are no crappy screamo vocals or whiny emo sing alongs here either.”G3M2″ is moody yet catchy, and underlines the fact that beneath the rocking veneer, there is rage and trouble brewing. Whatever lyrics I can make out without a sheet, show a urban disillusioned world, aptly fitting the music. “jack is back” will undoubtedly rock your socks off, especially the horn laden outro chant.”squal” is mid paced riot of ,well, sax squals and the band’s now trademark brand of ugly funk core complete with a dark melodic mid-section. The closer “perfect society” nicely sums up the various aspects of the band, lest you forget, and you will have to press play again just to know the album more intimately.

I am a fanboy in awe of this band’s dynamics, further enhanced by a nice fat production. The press release reads hilariously showing a band not taking themselves too seriously (although the label’s label of experimental post metal would better fit some isis type crap than this whirlwind of a CD). The band is avant garde without trying, yet you can nod or head bang along (at least in places). And ladys and gentleman, a contendor for the top ten of the year. Once again its thanks to agm.com that I have been introduced to an amazing outfit. All is left to be said and known is their dealer’s address and the question “Where the hell is Lomellina anyway?”.



Release:  2008
Label:  Oto Records
Avantgenre:  Urban Psychosis
Duration:  41:32
Origin:  Italy
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/yaktv
Review online since:  07.08.2008 / 17:00:45




01 – When You’ll Realize That the Sun Will Rise Up Being a Black Hole
02 – Y.A.K.
03 – Insects Eat Your Car
04 – Snuff in Copacabana
05 – Death! I’m on Your Side
06 – Rebus (1,2,3,4,5)
07 – My God
08 – G³M²
09 – Jack Is Back
10 – Squalo
11 – Perfect Society

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