Vallendusk “Vallendusk” (2012)

13. May 2018 David Sano 0

Black Metal is supposed to be scary. It is hostile, ominous music, gloomy and portentous. It is the sound of black fingers stretching overhead, of morbid windows opening both in the night sky and in […]


Vacantfield “Iteration” (2011)

13. May 2018 aVoid 0

This CD ep is the debut release of this Greece quartet, whom after ten years activity have begotten three tracks of progressive, eclectic, synthesizer-heavy Black Metal. How much I enjoy the playful, skillfully performed and […]


V:28 “VioLution” (2008)

13. May 2018 Tentakel P. 0

Wow, Vendlus records has yet another positive surprise for me in stock. I have not heard of V:28 from Norway before, which is kind of a pity if you take into account that they just […]

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