Techny-Call X “Start the Process” (2007)

Cruising out of France on the wings of technology and a cold rage, this is a solid effort from the beginning to the end. By the second song the style of the band is immediately recognizable. It is a dark, aggressive and danceable sound, full of atmosphere and groove. The quality of the material holds up to repeated listens. The songs have a definite club friendly feel without catering to the base denominator. That means it reminds you less of goth club scene in a Hollywood flick and more of an actual dance floor full of antagonistic cyborgs. Thankfully the riff styling and synth sequences place them firmly in the Euro scene as opposed to the post-NIN abominations of America. And the vocals do that dark, slightlty distorted almost-growl, filled out with a gothic baritone. Imagine a mix of darkwave and Exodus era Samael with a hint of Red Harvest. Electro Metal fans should definitely give this a try.

It is too short even for an EP, and you just wish there were more songs here. There are very occasional traces of the cheesiness of Deathstars and Pain. But they are so sparse that it adds to the vibe. The EP achieves the (desired) effect in that the listener wants more. What wonders will the full length bring? Surely it cannot be an entire CD full of mid-paced dark dance metal. But if there is someone capable of pulling it off, it is these guys.

And that is about all I can write based on 3 songs (and 1 intro).

– Suleiman


Release:  2007
Label:  Self Released
Avantgenre:  Dark Dance Metal
Duration:  16:21
Origin:  France
Official site:
Review online since:  02.12.2007 / 17:26:11


3-Start The Process
5-Erasing (vidéo)


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