El Schlong “Time / Place” (2011)

1. June 2018 Suleiman 0

It’s been almost three years since these globe-hopping Newzealanders graced us with an album. Lest you forget, it was the critically acclaimed “The Baddies are Coming.” Now that your memory has been revived, let me […]


Ekpyrosis “Weisse Nacht” (2013)

1. June 2018 Adryuu 0

At first I didn’t get it. Change. The second album was a big change, and this one is as well, again. Yet, Ekpyrosis here present what they’ve been doing all along, more or less, only […]


Edenwar “Edenwar” (2015)

1. June 2018 A. E. Fraser 0

Hello, kiddos! When one is a symphonic metal fan, it is hard work to find an album with a fresh voice, one that does not sound the same as every other soprano or contralto already […]


Ebon Illumini “The Ebon Channel” (2008)

1. June 2018 aVoid 0

EBONILLUMINI – a portmanteau, the fusion of the light and the dark. Whether this dualism is meant to apply on the minds behind Ebonillumini, the Maiden Marshall (Christina Poupoutsi, voice and keys) and the Monk […]

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