Gruenewald “Gruenewald” (2008)

Yes, you read correct. Speed Metal. But only if you are a giant thousand years old and thousand meters in height, because if you are, things happen a little more slowly in your world. Christian Kolf, who is also involved in ISLAND, is such a giant (at least he told me so himself). With GRUENEWALD, he played as fast as he could, and the result is a great, moody piece of calm music. It might not appeal as if it were Metal to us humans, but play it thousand times faster and GRUENEWALD make DARK FUNERAL look like they’d play Funeral Doom (damn, what a pun…)

Okay, enough of that. Really, GRUENEWALD is an enchanting piece of music. It consists of three tracks, each one unfolds in mostly over ten minutes, and each one manages to paint a musical picture of vast landscapes, fields, and lonely tracks. Preferably by dusk, or even later. You have to be in the right kind of mood for this, because GRUENEWALD sure take their time and as stated before, it is all very calm. Yet, Christian’s individual way of composing melodies is soothing and takes you onto an evening walk through foggy fields; one of these walks where hot Tea is waiting for you when you get back. He invokes these scenes with his acoustic guitar, discretely backed by simple and never obtruding drums and some subliminal synths (Sometimes the music even fades away until only ambience is left). What’s special (as it was with ISLAND, although GRUENEWALD is hardly comparable) are the melodies and the harmonies, which are simply weird, yet at the same time dark and beautiful.

If you try out GRUENEWALD, which I strongly suggest, be prepared that there is not much happening on it. But the melancholic atmosphere which it invokes needs to unfold, and once you are in the mood, the three tracks will let you drift away – just sit back and relax.

Christian contacted me to inform me of his project GRUENEWALD and asked me if I’d write a review of it, if the music touched something in me. Dear Christian, I did write a review, because it does.

-Tentakel P.


Release:  2008
Label:  Eichenwald Industries
Avantgenre:  Speed Metal
Duration:  45:07
Origin:  Germany
Official site:
Review online since:  01.11.2008 / 13:30:59


01 – Wahnenhardt
02 – Hustert
03 – Zitterberg

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