Blut Aus Nord “MoRT”

For a long time Blut Aus Nord have been darlings of the “true” black metal scene. Their productions have been raw. Their music and their lyrics have fulfilled every cliché. But one day Satan came to them with a special mission: “My dear disciples! Black metal has become a trend for kids. You have to invent a music even darker, scarier, much more evil than anything else! Drown them in fear, nightmare and psychosis! Take away their sanity, and then take away their souls!” And Blut Aus Nord got lunatic eyes and a frenzied smile. They took the frets out of their guitars. They erased all timecodes and bars out of their drum computer. And they put all reverbs on ten. And Satan was proud and saw that it was evil!

MoRT creates naked landscapes filled with bizarre sculptures of total death. It draws you down into the deepest spheres of rotting nightmares and skeletal delusion. Slowly your blood flows out from your veins. Your head begins to spin. You loose all orientation and sink down to the very bottom of bare existence.
MoRT is so different from everything else you’ve ever heard before. It’s the purest essence of black metal and something completely different at the same time. The guitars are extremely detuned and cold. The raspy vocals are many miles away. The drums are drunken and meander slowly in their own vomit. And a blurred delirium covers all. Check out this masterpiece from a parallel universe’s hell! You won’t be the same anymore!



Release:  2006
Label:  Candlelight Records
Avantgenre:  Detuned Psychosis Black Metal
Duration:  47:15
Origin:  France
Official site:
Review online since:  30.06.2007 / 22:55:09


01. Chapter I
02. Chapter II
03. Chapter III
04. Chapter IV
05. Chapter V
06. Chapter VI
07. Chapter VII
08. Chapter VIII

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