Blut Aus Nord “The Work Which Transforms God” (2003)

The Abigorean Theorem has remained unexplored by its many proponents, so Vindsval and co. decide to lecture upon it here: “What is the end product of the possession of flesh in fractals?” Blut Aus Nord demonstrate with The Work Which Transforms God:

Precursor (track “End”): Lucifer, on the terms of a temporary compact with heaven, meets with Jesus upon his second coming. As Christ re-embodies, Satan places a piece of steel where Jesus’s heart will become flesh; through this, Jesus may be manipulated by Satan. Blackness now spreads through Christ’s body in fractals, thus bleeding into the Father and Spirit.

Work: As the flesh of the Son may only heal, Satan uses him to resurrect the Choir of the Dead, whilst the exponentially-infected Spirit blackens out the heavens, and the Father is scattered, in pieces, to all the creations of his creations; in short, human cities fall under the infected God. Flesh and alloys become diametrically opposed, as the latter seeks to be wholly united with the former: blades nestle themselves into bones, gears into joints, lubricants into blood; spilled fluids and severed nerves pour into the sewers. Rust and coagulation; wood, bone, and steel; cells and ore crystals; neurons and wires; veins and tubing; all amalgamated, indistinguishable from one another. God created Man; Man created Machinery; Machinery houses God. Just like the three snakes, they form one endless expanse of matter and energy: the Transformed God.

End product (track “Procession…”): The Transformed God is a lightless city of fractals. The Son and the Choir of the Dead (known as Angels) roam these structures, without aim, thought, or spirit, obliviously wearing the spilled blood of the Creations upon their skin. The opaque clouds of the Spirit release black frozen fractals of snow, anointing the Earth in dark perpetual stillness.

-C. L. Edwards


Release:  3.17.2003
Label:  Adipocere (reissued By Candlelight In 2005)
Avantgenre:  Manufactured-Spirit Dissonance
Duration:  51:30
Origin:  Mondeville, France
Official site:
Review online since:  02.08.2008 / 19:01:24


01 – End
02 – Choir Of The Dead
03 – Axis
04 – The Fall
05 – Metamorphosis
06 – The Supreme Abstract
07 – Our Blessed Frozen Cells
08 – Devilish Essence
09 – The Howling Of God
10 – Inner Mental Cage
11 – Density
12 – Procession Of The Dead Clowns

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