Blut Aus Nord “Debemur MoRTi” (2014)

Blut Aus Nord’s new mini release is a special double celebration to mark the 100th release as well as the ten-year anniversary of Debemur Morti Productions. A label with an incomparable passion and dedication to the black arts. Debemur MoRTi is just a continuation to this, a landmark memorial featuring three exclusive tracks that capture the band at its vintage best, emitting their inimitable strain of swirling, cascading, spectral sonic (dis)harmony.

“Tetraktys” unveils in a slower more experimental style, highly reminiscent of the MoRt album, but with a real momentum to it.Terrifying and deeply distressing from the very beginning, as its blurry riffs melt into one another intertwined by a now accustomed use of mechanical beats and nightmarish vocals, it exhales a bleak and suffocating atmosphere. This song can be actually characterized by a continuous liquidity, one that channels through the music, drowning the listener in its ceremonial essence. Musically, the piece follows the same dark and dissonant pattern for more than half of its length, though certain and subtle changes are frequently introduced. The added effects that lurk in the background all but silently, too, intensify this eerie, mystical séance named “Tetraktys”.

“Lighteater” starts with a truly memorable riff, a murk that slowly spreads, devouring every light source little by little. The sound approach is definitely more like a cross between The Work Which Transforms God and the recent 777 Sect(s), quite diverse, in terms of guitar riffs and orchestration. Vindsval’s stridence is unearthly and loathing, succeeded by a mournful lead guitar that further shape this discordant combination of sounds. Both offerings are excellent and instantly gratifying, encompassing all of the finer elements of The Work, MoRT and the 777 trilogy eras to a proverbial apex of near perfection.

The final part of Debemurt MoRTi is but a unique cover of Pitchshifter’s ‘Bastardiser’. Blut Aus Nord‘s version is noticeably slower and darker yet not completely changed. I find listening to such cover songs, really interesting for two reasons. Firstly, because they are so exceptionally formulated and executed, (Blut Aus Nord, really made song their own, as did with Godflesh’s “Mighty Trust Krusher” cover found on the re-release of The Work Which Transforms God). Secondly, because it is very interesting to locate the band’s primary source of inspiration and how they did manage to merge all these influences in one a completely unique musical idiom that has its own personality, identity and performs equally important significance.

This is the number 100 on Debemur Morti Production’s catalog, specifically written and recorded for that occasion but it is definitely a worthy addition to the Blut Aus Nord’s non- prosaic legacy as well. There could be no better way for Debemur Morti to express its gratitude to the people who have supported the label over the years and still continue to do so. As the label states this is just a celebration of the past and a glimpse of the future.

Lefteris Kefalas


Release:  31.1.2014
Label:  Debemur Morti Productions
Avantgenre:  A Mystical Celebration
Duration:  16 Minutes
Origin:  France
Official site:  None
Review online since:  18.02.2014 / 14:52:59


01 – Tetraktys
02 – Lighteater
03 – Bastardiser

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