Wormed “Planisphaerium” (2003)

At the end of the 5 millionth millennia, somewhere on the Iberian peninsula at the far west end of the Eurasian continent, a hideous discrepancy in the space/time continuum appeared. Something rotten was disgorged from the deepest depths of the extragalactic cobwebbed bowels, fluttering in eleven dimensions simultaneously, resonating at a pitch 52 octaves below what is audible for the common man. The thing slowly morphed into shapes discernable within (and limited to) the narrow confines of human sensory perception, and its name… was Wormed.

At first, disregarding every dimension except the musical, the creations of Wormed might sound like your average guttural slamming goregrind death metal band. It is indeed very sludgy, working within the slimy borders of the most brutal forms of death metal. Big chunks of fleshy breakdowns and hyperspeed blastbeats defying all laws of physics. The voice of Phlegeton vibrates from the gassy guts of something that could easily devour a galaxy, his inverted subsonic pig-style growling at depths unheard. It goes beyond sick. But music aside, that is not what separates Wormed the most from their “peers” mostly interested in doing nasty things to girls tied up and/or decomposing.

“I see the constellations changing colour / Mathematical combinations of triangular visions / Perfect / to Syntonizing the elements to create the tunnel / Absorbing all planet energy, I’m the vortex, the epicentre… / Graphical emanation of numbers in my evolved system” (Tunnel Of Ions)

Planisphaerium is a Key to the Dimensions of the Universe, a Key to the Nucleus of Black Antimatter. “The human’s extreme-advanced evolution… Disintegration of all human dimensions…” – the is One Human left, who through evolution can dehydrate planets, create ionic tunnels to reach the nucleus, and ultimately – deliberately – deform space. That Human’s experiences – not necessarily so Human at all – in going beyond the confines of visible dimensions and time, are the lyrics for this album. All in the singular visions of the dimensional shambler Phlegeton. Being merely human, with our inherited narrow mind, I do not understand this. And I shouldn’t. I return to the corporeal world instead.

Infused in the bludgeoning guttural brutality lie several progressive elements. They are few, scattered and short-lived, erupting like a solar flare before disappearing seconds later. Sudden spoken human words amidst the tumbling chaos. A break with dreamy clean guitars, the reverie of the multidimensional extra-human entity floating through a tunnel of ion. Insane snare rolls and dismembered riffs mocking the conventions of terrestial rhythms, establishing connections with the traditions of Wormed’s corporeal origin. 14 seconds of fragmented sub bass drone opening the cold void desolation in your living room before throwing you into the maws of Ylem. Planisphaerium last for less than half an hour, but over-exposure would probably cause severe brain damage. After listening at decent volumes with fancy headphones once, I felt nauseous by the extreme sub-bass levels invoked by Wormed. Sickness-inducing multidimensional extreme death metal grind. Not for the faint-hearted.



Release:  2003
Label:  Macabre Mementos Records
Avantgenre:   Subsonic Multidimensional Hypergrinding Death
Duration: 25 Minutes
Origin:  Spain
Official site:  http://www.wormed.net
Review online since:  22.02.2008 / 16:16:17


1. Tunnel of Ions
2. Geodesic Dome
3. Voxel Mitosis
4. Fragments
5. Ylem
6. Planisphaerium
7. Pulses in Rhombus Forms
8. Dehydrating

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