Wolves in the Throne Room “Celestial Lineage” (2011)

An imperfect universe which, for this exact reason, can create life out of its own tears, is a completely revolutionary idea of the cosmos, as it is the opposite of what man has always sought – in vain – for thousands of years: perfection. This hurts, but there is still light beaming down on us: life has never seemed so mind-blowing, so precious… Locality can take us to the stars.

O Heavenly Creature
bejeweled in light but
silent and solemn like onyx
open your arms and wash
into your stream of life
the debris of our false torments
the tears of our futile fears.

O Feral Primordial Wolf
sink your eternal jaws
in my flesh exposed
to the ravages of time
and sprinkle over the soft blanket
of fragrant moss
my awakened being.

O Universal Bard
your voice penetrates me
as the silver moon ray
penetrates the emerald forest
of our indomitable spirit:
I bleed with you, shaman
dreamer of eternal life.

O my beaming Muse
shed your leafy robes
and lay on the river banks
where the spirit of the night
permeates our inner skies
breathing in unison
the notes of a new song.

Mystery Flame


Release:  September 2011
Label:  Southern Lord
Avantgenre:   Local-to-Astral Black Metal
Duration: N/A
Origin:  USE
Official site: None
Review online since:  28.09.2011 / 18:40:38


1.Thuja Magus Imperium
2.Permanent Changes in Consciousness
3.Subterranean Initiation
4.Rainbow Illness
5.Woodland Cathedral
6.Astral Blood
7.Prayer of Transformation

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