Wrathage “Discipline” (2015)

Although Wrathage, the extreme metallers from Oulou, Finland, have been spreading their extreme metal art since 1997, it was only earlier this year that they released their debut full-length album Discipline. After three years of intense preparation, the band offered its new opus this past March, featuring 60 minutes of forceful, multi-faceted metal, crafted with the urge to explore the uncharted premises of the body and mind and the different “disciplines” that may tame it, so to speak.

Hence, Discipline begins with the devastating ”Dark Matter” showing the band’s capabilities from early on as their music is (self-described as) a blend of black/death metal that features a unique mixture of Emperor-influenced epic melodies, twisted avant-garde guitar work and Finnish harshness. Without doubt Wrathage’s music includes the best parts of the death and black metal genres highlighted by symphonic touches and piano sections. On the top of those, D. V. Grim’s and Scythe’s vocal abilities are exemplary as they shift between growls, shrieks and deeply resentful, Aldrahn-like clean vocals that carry a theatricality and paranoia. Deeper into the album, we find ”Walking to Death” which is another interesting song. Its opening section reminded me of Helrunar albeit with a symphonic driblet; the song also features a tribute to Thorns halfway through with a section heavily influenced by ”Shifting Channels” which reaches its climax with a symphonic black metal crescendo. The album’s piece de resistance though is the amazing rendition of Morbid Angel’s ”Dawn of the Angry” which ends the album on a high note; they truly made their song their own.

Taking it up where we left off, I would add that the band’s creativity is quite prominent and that is easily proven by the abundance of riffs that alternate from pummeling death/black/thrash metal riff-fests to darker and gloomier atmospheric sections. The technical guitar solos are also a noteworthy ingredient of the album and they show yet another face of Wrathage’s creativity. Despite the wide variety of influences and experimentation the band manages to sound coherent and confident in what they do, although their difficult-to-digest sound may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If what you read looks like it could suit your liking, make sure you check out what Wrathage have in store for you.


Release:  30.3.2015
Label:  Maa Productions
Avantgenre:  Black/Death Metal
Duration: 60 Minutes
Origin:  Finland
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/whirling
Review online since: 16.08.2015 / 03:01:03


01 – Dark Matter
02 – Born Girt for War
03 – Of The Great Chief
04 – Walking to Death
05 – Unslaved
06 – Distortion
07 – Reptilian
08 – Sadicum
09 – The Crawlspace
10 – Dawn of the Angry (Morbid Angel Cover)

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