Vulture Industries “The Dystopia Journals” (2007)

I’m a fan of ARCTURUS since their first releases back in the early 90ies, and still feel sad about the split of a band that influenced so many other bands and set a new horizon in metal music. Further on I always thought that no other band will ever come up to a release like La Masquerade Infernale.

Until now…

Hailing from Bergen in Norway, VULTURE INDUSTRIES paint the listeners horrors and walk the chaos path to climb the throne of tragedy. I’m sure the band is already bored of such comparisons, but when listening to an album like “The Dystopia Journals”, it is simply the first thought that comes to my mind. Mostly because of the singers voice, that sounds pretty similar to Garms vocals, but I also want to accent the music, which is very diversified and brings forth melodies that my ears have been waiting for longingly. The band is not just a cheap copy of ARCTURUS, they bring new and fresh colours to the palette of the metal scene, a successful fusion of clean and harsh vocals, calm and speedy parts, light meets darkness to form all possible colours of a metallic kaleidoscope. My favorites on this record are the songs “Pills Of Conformity” and “Blood Don’t Flow Streamlined”, but of course also the other songs are worth listening, be it on cd or live on stage, I watched their concert in Vienna (along with HELHEIM and ATROX) and was simply stunned by the performance. I could even find more positive descriptions of the album, but don’t want to waste more words as I’m not a fan of long reviews, I can only recommend to check this album out, you won’t be disappointed.

Is this avant-garde metal? There can only be one answer: YES!



Release:  2007
Label:  Dark Essence Records
Avantgenre:  Pure Progressive Avantgarde
Duration:  44:14
Origin:  Norway
Official site:
Review online since:  16.01.2009 / 12:38:14


01. Eyes Sewn Shut
02. Blessed Sin
03. Avarice Avalon
04. Walk With Me
05. An Interlude In Hell
06. White Heaven
07. No One Is Alive
08. The Burning
09. Obsessed
10. Easiness of the Mind
11. Dominion in Dominance

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