Vulture Industries “The Malefactor´s Bloody Register ” (2015)

This intelligent pseudo-horrorscope is sometimes melodramatic, sometimes hacked-up and breathless galloping, but its own operatic allusions mostly venture into the lyrical and the weird. In the first half of the album, the guitars alternate tight monotonous riffs with a few extensions or amplitudes, in a frantic motion. Without particular climaxes, the compositions are unburdened from serious pretension – grand poise and tragic are more or less in the background of the mind stage. Inclusions of Hammond organ, cello, viola, saxophone and seldom changes of sequence are like short reliefs to the ride. The 4th song is marked by a dramatic meltdown effect. The 5th one is a bit more disciplined vocal-wise, definitely more streamlined, with outlined lead guitar additions; an outspoken second plan intervenes before a starry re-affirmation. The next half of the album is bejeweled with many moments which may be deemed a nod to chaos in classical surroundings – not just refreshing, catchy substitutes for ideas, but the dark charm of “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register”. The main theme of the 6th track is totally genius and suits an album culmination, as variation comes instead of development. To some extent the latter is valid for the scope of the next song: a crowning impression which is purposefully repetitive and does not need a solid pre- and post- parts, except for a guitar solo. The classy production is smooth in both dynamics and weight. The performance is deal.

After the first full-length, this album is by all means a worthy continuation of VULTURE INDUSTRIES.



Release:  13.09.2010
Label:  Dark Essence Records
Avantgenre:  Surrealistic Progressive Metal
Duration:  44:21
Origin:  Norway
Official site:
Review online since:  07.07.2011 / 07:52:43


01. Crooks & Sinners
02. Race for the Gallows
03. The Hangman’s Hatch
04. The Bolted Door
05. This Cursed Flesh
06. I Hung My Heart on Harrow Square
07. Crowning the Cycle
08. Of Branded Blood

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