Voivod “RRRÖÖÖAAARRR” (1986)

To give you a certain feeling for the time this album was released I went into the local library and got hold of old newspapers. 1986 was when Canada got beaten by France 0:1 in a soccer game, Reagan and Gorbachev meet in a house in iceland, Bon Jovi releases Slippery When Wet, the Top Gun soundtrack hit the streets, Elton John did ‘Nikita’ and blood reigned for Slayer. ‘Woiwod’ is polish for ‘Landeshauptmann’ (engl. ‘governor’) and their choice of name represents their approach to music. This is the house where Gorbatchev and Reagan met by the way:





The album itself was actually recorded/mixed in 1985, but I will spare you with further details of that era (Rock me Amadeus, anyone?). The cover has a tank that looks left and reminds me of drawings metalheads do in school when they are bored.

This is the worldfamous Falco-impressario Hans-Peter Gill:

I feel weird reviewing the gods of Avantgardemetal, for I never really listened to them back in my days, I’ve only had this weird vinyl picture disc where there was one Voivod song on it but unfortunately I can’t find it anymore.

This is the where I went to school,

this is where I lost my virginity,

and this is the first 10 euro I held in my hand:

All in all I can safely say and see that this album has its moments and I adore the title and some of the lyrics.

Jonny Lignano


Release:  1986
Label:  Noise Records
Avantgenre:  Avantgarde Metal
Duration:  38:08
Origin:  Canada
Official site: http://www.voivod.net/
Review online since:  02.08.2007 / 17:53:24


01 – Korgull, The Exterminator
02 – Fuck Off and Die
03 – Slaughter in a Grave
04 – Ripping Headaches
05 – Horror
06 – Thrashing Rage
07 – The Helldriver
08 – Build Your Weapons
09 – To the Death

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