Voivod “Nothingface” (1989)

Whilst most reviewers try to keep a constant pitch between reviewed thing and oneself, I take offensive on that kind of behaviour and try to change the world. For that reason please find below my letter to the Merriam-Webster Inc. in my quest to change the world to the mentioned better place.

In 2007 emails can’t change the world anymore.

Jonny Lignano


Release:  1986
Label:  MCA Records
Avantgenre:  Avant-garde Metal
Duration:  44:18
Origin:  Canada
Official site: http://www.voivod.net/
Review online since:  11.08.2007 / 11:03:59


01 – The Unkhown Knows
02 – Nothingface
03 – Astronomy Domine
04 – Missing Sequences
05 – X-Ray Mirror
06 – Inner Combustion
07 – Pre-Ignition
08 – Into My Hypercube
09 – Sub-Effect

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