V:28 “VioLution” (2008)

Wow, Vendlus records has yet another positive surprise for me in stock. I have not heard of V:28 from Norway before, which is kind of a pity if you take into account that they just have split up. A consequent move – “VioLution” is the last part of a trilogy V:28 were unleashing about nothing less than the end of the world, and as they have stated that this trilogy was the whole point of V:28 it seems that with this goal achieved they have no more to add.

On to the music: A kind of atmospheric intro erupts into the first real song, “Shut It Down”. And how they shut it down lets me rejoice; blastbeats right into your face, killer riffs and belligerent vocals. Some calm parts show what V:28 are also capable of, and the next song, “The Absolute”, combines this even better. At this point I ask myself why the unholy hell V:28 do claim to play Death Metal – This song is an orgasmic mix of the best bands USBM has to offer; reminiscences to LEVIATHAN, XASTHUR and KROHM are no exaggerations, and the calm middle part with Garm’s (yeah, there he goes again) yet again flawless performance preparing for the climax makes one hell of a song. Definitively a must hear. “Pattern Of The Weak” is more on the shredded side of metal with some industrial influences, and “Surrender To Oblivion”, “World Wide Bombing Day” and “Desert Generator” scream KROHM again so loud that it is hard to believe that these guys come from Norway and not from the US, except for the end which is a great, melancholic and atmospheric piece with a subliminal industrial tone. All in all, the song writing has a whole lot of variety; each song stands out, there are – at least in my humble opinion – no fillers here. And the really dark and unique mood does the rest to please me.

The production, too, is really good. Everything is audible anytime – LRZ of RED HARVEST, who is responsible for it, did a great job. The artwork is uncommon, but suitable. “VioLution” has become a record where everything fits together, thus having a very long half-life period; and its diversity should appeal to a vast audience. Thumbs up here, and a definite recommendation. Too bad that there is no album after that, but if you have just destroyed the world, what else is there left to do?

Tentakel P.


Release:  2008
Label:  Vendlus Records
Avantgenre:  Endzeit Dark Metal
Duration:  47:24
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  http://www.v28.com/
Review online since:  25.05.2008 / 08:11:16


01 – Exequor
02 – Shut It Down
03 – The Absolute
04 – Pattern of the Weak
05 – Surrender to Oblivion
06 – World Wide Bombing Day
07 – Desert Generator
08 – Can You See the Light Now?
09 – When Entropy Decreases


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