Noxius Corp. “Grey Shades” EP (2010)

First of all I have to say: It is an honor to be asked to review an album by the band itself. So thank you very much NoXiuS Corp. for doing so and for allowing me to listen to your remarkable metal music. What to me is most remarkable, is the wonderful singer Laura Espejo, whose operatic vocals I really enjoy a lot. Especially the song “I Hate The World” made me want to sing along, which of course I couldn’t do very well, since her vocal range is quite stunning. Her male vocal partner LordDan adds the well-done grunts and growls, while also playing bass and doing the programming. Monfu (guitars) and Luka Kai (drums) complete the band and their eclectic sound. But how is their sound? Yes, I bet you all are full of anticipation to know and so I shall describe it to you as precisely as I can. As mentioned before, one will find an operatic, ethereal voice that softly slides over rough pressuring metal power and electronic experimental playthings. Calm parts flow into intense ones, opera vocals flow into low screams. So… check it out, it’s good stuff from an definetly underrated/unknown band, that deserves more attention and support.

-Kevin Reichel


Release:  2010
Label:  Self-Produced
Avantgenre:  Dark Electro Opera Metal
Duration:  24 Min
Origin:  Barcelona, Spain
Official site:
Review online since:  06.05.2010 / 13:42:01


01 – Grey Shades
02 – Screaming Silently
03 – I Hate The World
04 – Grey Shades (EBM Remix)
05 – Entre Las Sombras

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