Lifelover “Pulver” (2006)

This album rules. Seriously. The band members have got cool names and the music is from beyond evil. I wish I had the PA of Motörhead to listen to this aggregation of everything in all its glory. Glory indeed. This is the stuff kids could listen in Kindergarten as well as people who work in lumber mills – this is an album for generations. This is what Frank Sinatra would have listened to before and after a gig.
I designed a flag for each song of the album, that Lifeloverfans (no, I won’t use the cheap pun Lifeloverlovers) can bring (and wave) to the next concert of our northern demi-gods. Have fun sewing!

song 01:

song 02:

song 03:

song 04:

song 05:

song 06:

song 07:

song 08:

song 09:

song 10:

song 11:

song 12:

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  2006
Label:  Total Holocaust Records
Avantgenre:  Flagpole Pop
Duration:  42:31
Origin:  Swedia
Official site:
Review online since:  29.08.2007 / 13:24:02


01 – Nackskott
02 – MS Salmonella
03 – Mitt Öppna Öga
04 – Kärlek – Becksvart Melankoli
05 – Vardagsnytt
06 – Avbrott Sex
07 – Stockholm
08 – Söndag
09 – Herrens Hand
10 – Medicinmannen
11 – Nästa Gryning
12 – En Sång Om Dig

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