Kekal “1000 Thoughts of Violence” (2003)

This is the fourth of Kekal’s albums, and the second into the avantgarde foray. If you’ve read my review of this album’s sequel, the mighty Acidity, I can tell you that the style and feeling are kind of the same on both discs. Brutal Emperor-like symphonic black metal intertwined with Iron Maidenesque fluent guitarlines*, with sudden breaks of electronic music, sleazy cheesy rock and snazzy loungey hip-hop (that’s not negative at all, mind you). Some of the electronic elements remind me of the feeling of being seven years old, amazed by the wondrous sounds of my sister’s Prodigy albums and rave/jungle collections… While other takes me to my adolescent video gaming, the title screens of futuristic Asian action games in particular. But despite these sudden changes – though more moderate than Kekal’s later works – there is always coherence, nothing feels misplaced or used for the sake of strangeness. Which is one of Kekal’s great strengths.

Another thing striking me (again) with Kekal is the sincerity. No matter if it is violent as hell BM blasting and screaming, darkened electronica bursts or melodic escapades bright as a summer morning, it’s all deep from the heart, without any of the bitter ironic or satirical approach often appearing in avantgarde metal. The lyrics are on their favourite subject, existential philosophy and the negative state of mankind. Greed and corruption overflowing destroying ourselves and our world. Is there any place left for our souls to rest? I don’t know, and neither do Kekal.

Despite the way to plastic drum sound and occasional dips in interestingness, this is still a fab album, worthy of anyone interested in experimental extreme metal. And it’s probably the only record you’ll ever see with a Lego-man ( on the back cover.

*Doesn’t track 7 make you think cheery instrumentals like Genghis Khan and Losfer’s Word (Big ‘Orra)?



Release:  April 2003
Label:  Fear Dark
Avantgenre:  Avantgarde (un)Black Metal
Duration:  56:06
Origin:  Indonesia
Official site:
Review online since:  19.08.2007 / 15:34:51


1. Subsession / Once Again It Failed
2. Vox Diaboli
3. In Continuum
4. Paradigma Baru
5. Artifacts Of Modern Insanity
6. Violent Society
7. Subsession II
8. Default
9. Beyond Numerical Reasons
I. 404 – The Broken
II. 911 – The Black
III. 70×7 – To Forgive Is To Suffer

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