Kayo Dot “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue” (2006)

Have you ever listened to Laibach all day long and then tried to write an album review? Well I have, and this is what I heard thereafter. The album has got five windows that are between 7:44 and 18:00 minutes:seconds long and use a lot of curtains (curtains in music are i.e. keyboards that stick to one or more tones for a very long time) that they successfully interrupted with raw guitars or violins, sometimes drums and a presumably male singer. Sometimes one of the musicians is a bit more angry than the other and then he or she gets his or her moment to express him or herself. I sometimes wish there was only one sex on the planet or single-sex-bands only because writing about bands would be way easier. On the other hand (I will trick you because I will not tell you what is in my unmentioned other hand) if there would be only one sex/genre in the world or single-sex-bands only, one would never have been able to enjoy those castrated opera singers or the fabulous Transvision Vamp (W-W-W-endy!).

If I were asked if I preferred to eat, to drink or to listen to music for the rest of my life I would not only wonder who asked such a dumb question, but I would also respond that I would prefer to “LIEANK”, ‘a pen’, which is, as you probably knew right from that moment which I marked with ‘a pen’, a mixture of the three verbs. If I were hungry or thirsty I would listen to this album all day long. If I were deaf I would put the album on my record player, cut off my nose in hope some waves would enter my head via those holes.

PS: I want >this<. As soon as I get it, i will remove this PS with “This is Dire Straits on laced $=insert_drug_of_your_choice here.”

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  2006
Label:  Robotic Empire
Avantgenre:  Violinistic Naked/laced Disney Pop
Duration:  60:16
Origin:  USofA
Official site:  http://www.kayodot.net
Review online since:  15.08.2007 / 17:45:58


01 – Gemini Becoming The Tripod
02 – Immortelle And Paper Caravelle
03 – Aura On An Asylum Wall
04 – ___On Limpid Form
05 – Amaranth The Peddler

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