Germ “Wish” (2012)

Eisenwald, home of old sorcerers like Nazxul, young defenders of “true BM” like Aurvandil or arty realists such as Formloff just to name a couple, is a great label run independently and with pure passion. Germ is a solo project by Tim Yatras, a musician who has been involved with a wealth of Australian underground bands (Lord, Dungeon, Ilium, Grey Waters, Austere, Nazxul, Woods of Desolation, Pestilential Shadows, etc.) and is also known for writing the odd pop tune for the eastern market. If the latter piece of info has by any chance put you and your hipster/elitist (delete as appropriate) nose off, well think again.

One quick look at Wish’s track list and we can safely guess to be in the presence of atmospheric, progressive black metal, but the lucid genius of Mr. Yatras is in fact taking us through a far richer ride through a wide range of elements which span from the classical sprawls of the avant-garde to 80s electro pop/rock! The startling general result is akin to witnessing Muse and Lunar Aurora merging to become a single multi-headed alien monster with a serious knack for melody. Or again, imagine Thy Catafalque fuelled by electronica of the dancey kind rather than classical-folk. The clean singing is well dosed and never once annoying, while Tim’s trademark depressive BM high pitched shrieks are used as an instrument to add abyssal darkness and intensity to the eclectic palette. “Breathe In The Sulphur – A Light Meteor Shower” is the outstanding epic/progressive track of the album, while “Gravity” and “Flowers Bloom…” are amongst the ones where the Muse connection happens more glaringly. Blast and dance beats blend seamlessly, while a couple of juicy heavy-rock guitar solos are juxtaposed to the crystalline beauty of the synths. The stunning “Your Smile Mirrors the Sun” begins somewhere close to a soaring occult maelstrom a la Nazxul, only to fall hopelessly into the abyss of the most emotional, soul-drenching blackgaze you can hope to hear. This wonderful track doesn’t quite close the album yet, but rather it is the short “Wish”, with its bare scattering of piano notes and sound of the artist’s footsteps leaving the scene, that is given the honor, a stark reminder that this incredible, flamboyant journey is nothing but a man’s lonely dream translated into sound waves. So all we are left with is quintessentially black metal Emptiness, although its formal appearance has been defaced (hopeless and useless to wish for a static form of rebellious music, oh reactionary ones!). But of course we can pretend to fill the metaphysical void again by pressing play once more… Ultimately, this is a unique and rewarding album that makes the silence that follows its conclusion resonate exceptionally deep, and that is a sign of greatness.

-Mystery Flame


Release:  March 2012
Label:  Eisenwald
Avantgenre:  Avant-garde Electro-Pop/Rock Black Metal
Duration:  N/a
Origin:  Australia
Official site:  None
Review online since:  28.03.2012 / 23:08:30


1.An Overdose On Cosmic Galaxy
2.Asteroid Of Sorrow
4.Breathe In The Sulphur – A Light Meteor Shower
6.Flowers Bloom And Flowers Fall, But I’m Still Waiting For The Spring
8.Your Smile Mirrors The Sun

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