Forgotten Silence “Ka Ba Ach” (2000)

Forgotten Silence has a cute habit. Their last couple of albums and EPs are based on their travels. Their most recent one (as of today), for example, is mused by the British city of Brighton.

KaBaAch is a lyric album about historical Egypt. The story is the same: our guys travel to Egypt, visit all those pyramids etc., and get sort of impressed and write this album. The influence is not obvious, yet it is there. Lyrics and the cover of the album reflect it directly.

I will be frank – however experimental and avant-garde this album is, it still cannot exceed the level of expectations that were raised by their earlier work. After being spoiled by Senyaan, I could not help but expect much more from FS.

Album has some quite sophisticated songs such as Saqqara and As Suwais, and some whispers. Moreover, the album has significant amount of samples that they seem to record on the road. I may be mistaken, but, the songs like “Morning in Cairo” and the train sounds etc. simply make me think that this album as a musical travel log – which is pretty cool.

The album, as usual, opens with a quite Arabesque rhythm that chants “habibi” which means “lover” in Arabic. Then, the next song gives you the familiar metal tones which are the natural extension and continuation of the earlier FS works, thus it is nothing unusual or superbly original. Third song is a quite experimental one with smooth synths and whispers. Saqqara takes you back to the metalic roots with, yet again, cute female vocals. Another appealing song, Suwais, is a rather smooth jazzy rock with a beautiful female vocal, and sometimes sounds like an elegant dinner song – which is weird. In other words, the song is not involved or complex in terms of melody structure, so you don’t really need to pay full attention. It has its ups and downs with cute tunes and all if it is satisfying enough for your spoiled ears. This simply reflects the general spirit of the entire album.

Overall, jazzish metal of FS is quite satisfying if you can free yourself from high expectations and competitive desire of seeking the upmost originality.

-Can Baskent


Release:  November 2000
Label:  Redblack Productions
Avantgenre:  Arabesque Jazz Metal
Duration:  56:24
Origin:  Czechia
Official site:
Review online since:  26.02.2011 / 17:14:09


01 – Red Paiom (the Fellow-blue Snake)
02 – Rostau (the Sandwaves)
03 – Al Qahir (in The Marble Halls (of Fame)
04 – Saqqara (the Sitting Statue)
05 – FL2C (the Morning In Cairo)
06 – Vaset (the Breath Of Tasechetaat)
07 – Memnon (the Ancient Moaning)
08 – Ipet Insuit (the Sunflames)
09 – Dendara (in The Deepest Depth, In The Darkest Dark…)
10 – Idfu (under The Hor’s Wings..)
11 – Syene (the Waterlines)
12 – As Suwais (one Step To Another World)

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