Dødheimsgard “Supervillain Outcast” (2007)

This album only lost a pubic hair’s width to being my favourite release in 2007 to ABIGOR’s “Fractal Possession”. Now, I could going on why this is so and what “Fractal Possession” has what “Supervillain Outcast” has not, but that would be unfair to this ambitioned, refreshing record which announces DØDHEIMSGARD’s return after a long absence. And how they return: “Supervillain Outcast” is a weird, strange soundtrack to all perversions, abominations, anomalities; to everything disgusting, sick, and twisted the 21st century has to offer.

While on “666 International” DØDHEIMSGARD’s new style was something which did not quite went together well in my opinion (that is, the cold technical Black Metal with industrial elements), DØDHEIMSGARD seem to have found the perfect way to put everything (and more) together to make it whole. “The Vile Delinquents” for example starts with heavy riffing, only to explode into an ultra-fast blastbeat with shredding guitars, catching breath in one of DØDHEIMSGARD’s typical, groovy mid-tempo beats and ends in a blast-inferno; vocalist Kvohst spitting pure hate the whole song, sounding as if he would turn his throat inside-out to scream out what he has to. The next song, “Unaltered Beast”- weird beats, supported by rythmic guitars, strange electronic machine choirs and industrial elements. There is “Chrome Balaclava”, an a-capella choir song. “Ghostforce Soul Constrictor”, straight Black Metal with a nearly danceable rhytmical intermezzo. “The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of”, the second regular song surprises with a clearly arabian touch, introducing an instrument I do not know the name of but which has to be some kind of an arabian flute… “All Is Not Self”, a calm, melodic song with clean vocals not unlike to what Kvohst did in <CODE>. Melodies are mainly in the background, more supporting the drums and leaving room for the uncountable other instruments, soundscapes and effects which make this album sound like some hatefueled drug-trip.

Nearly everyone should have guessed by now that the days of true Black Metal like on “Kronet Til Konge” are over for DØDHEIMSGARD, and for good. I do like good ol’ Black Metal the way it should be, but even this narrow- minded (or maybe…) genre has arrived in the 21st century, as hordes like ABIGOR, MAYHEM, ABORYM, SECRETS OF THE MOON or DØDHEIMSGARD have proven successfully. And DØDHEIMSGARD have set a high standard for the next releases labeled as this “modern” style of Black Metal, that’s for sure. If you like it straight, old school and raw, do yourself a favour and do NOT listen to this.

-Tentakel P.


Release:  2007
Label:  Moonfog
Avantgenre:  Supervillain Metal (Of Course !)
Duration:  56:46
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/dodheimsgard
Review online since:  15.09.2007 / 20:06:09


01 – Dushman
02 – Vendetta Assassin
03 – The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of
04 – Horrorizon
05 – Foe X Foe
06 – Secret Identity
07 – The Vile Delinquents
08 – Unaltered Beast
09 – Apocalypticism
10 – Chrome Balaclava
11 – Ghostforce Soul Constrictor
12 – All Is Not Self
13 – Supervillain Serum
14 – Cellar Door
15 – 21st Century Devil

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