Diabolos Rising “666” (1994)

Released back when Osmose Productions was a purveyor of eclectic and well respected quality underground music, including such bands as Pan-Thy-Monium, Rotting Christ, Masters Hammer, Dark Tranquility and many more, this release is no exception. It is a cooperation between artists of differing locals but of a similar musical and undoubtedly theological mind set. This CD possesses a clinically dark quality having the straight forward simplicity and production of an industrial album with the aesthetics of, what was at the time, the Satanic black metal underground.

The musical backbone that makes up Diabolos Rising comes from the mind of Magus Wampyr Daoloth of Necromantia (and other Greek bands, too numerous to mention here). By taking the framework of drum and guitar composition from the likes of Ministry and KMFDM, and then mixing it with keyboards reminiscent of some 80’s horror movie, he managed to create an album that coalesces the personae of Black Metal with the precision of Industrial quite well. The production is clean and polished with atmosphere provided by the ever-present sound of droning keyboards which gives it an almost palpable evil ambiance. There is a somewhat subtle Mediterranean, or even middle eastern, flavor through many songs and when juxtaposed with the technological aspects make it easily adaptable for use as either a soundtrack to “Bladerunner” or “The Last Temptation of Christ”.

The vocal delivery is provided by the second half of this electronic project, Finland’s Impaled Nazarene spokesman, Mika Luttinen. Taking into consideration the practice he had on the industrialized track “Gott ist Tot” off of Impaled Nazarene’s release “Ugra Karma” it seems only appropriate to have Mika as the voice of this incarnation. As one might expect the majority of vocals have that Imp. Naz. tone and forcefulness, with many of them having added effects heightening the industrial feel. Added to that are a handful of spoken parts which help accentuate the ritualistic elements of the music.

As for the lyrical content (also written by Daoloth), with a title like “666” one can make obvious assumptions. Of course not without it’s sense of Satanic irony, track 6 being literally 6min and 6sec of silence for Satan.

Along with a few disparate projects, such as the Cold Meat Industry releases, this is one of the earliest examples of individuals from the Black metal underground delving into electronically based music, pre-dating the exploration of many of their contemporaries by a number of years. Which makes this a must for anyone interested in such Black metal/Industrial amalgamations and deviations.



Release:  1994
Label:  Osmose Productions
Avantgenre:  Ritualistic Industrially-Satanized Metal
Duration:  34:42
Origin:  Greece / Finland
Official site:  http://none
Review online since:  03.01.2008 / 08:39:28


01 – Genocide
02 – Dinnum Sabbati
03 – Give Me Blood Or Give Me Death
04 – Satanas Lead Us Through
05 – Sorcery-Scientia Maxima
06 – 666
07 – 
Χ – Ξ – ΣΤ’

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