Diapsiquir “Virus S.T.N.” (2005)

Have you ever wondered how 666 International would sound, played through a French crackpot freaking out on acid? Well, the closest I have ever heard would be Diapsiquir, the perverted brainchild of Arkhon Infaustus guitarist Toxik Harmst (voice/guitar/bass/computers). This is probably one of the most wicked, malignant and satanic recordings I have ever come across, seeping in the depravity and anguish of urban decay. At the core of it all, you find black metal, throbbing with the powers of SATAN (according to Diapsiquir, short for Seringe – Absorption – Torture – Alienation – Nihilisme). Yet it is not Satan in the biblical sense, but the Devil in its truest form – in the empty eyes of the homeless prostitute and the abused child, or flowing through the veins and reeking in the vomit of the heroinist. Diapsiquir thrives on human filth.

Musically, Virus STN is extremely diverse. Very well executed progressive BM at the core, riddled in samples and programming. The vocals – all in French – are easily decipherable (if you know the language) yelling and screaming. No traditional growling, but rather a pissed-off shouting, giving the music an air of depraved humanity, unparallelled to my experience. The samples are made up of philosophical monologues (also in French – “Dieu? C’est moi!”), classical music (Russian opera and Beethovens 7th symphony), children screaming (highly unsettling!), gunshots et c. Even the music sounds very French, from the clear piano melodies and the accordion (!!!) down to the excellent riffing, and the percussion moves from ordinary blastbeats to programmed triphop and drum&bass beats. All very strange, in a positively negative way, owing a lot to DHG, yet taking the electro-BM legacy much further. Unfortunately, Diapsiquir was discontinued after Virus STN (their second full-length), but the dark madness is still closer than you think. This is maybe not for everyone, since it does require a certain mind set. But I am addicted to this timeless venom.



Release:  2005
Label:  Necrocosm
Avantgenre:  French Crackwhore Electro Black Metal
Duration:  X
Origin:  France
Official site:  None
Review online since:  30.05.2007 / 20:47:16


1. Incubation
2. Venin Intemporel Rouille Universelle Satan
3. Generation Maudite Penetration Interdite
4. –
5. Diapsiquir
6. Le Mal Avec Un Grand S
7. –
8. Organisation Contamination

(the Spaces On Track 2 Are Correct After The Backcover, And Track 4 & 7 Are Unnamed.)

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