Decrepit Spectre “Coal Black Hearses” (2008)

How black has the humor of these infamous musicians turned if they name their bastard band a decrepit spectre? Is this ghost which is rumored to diffuse terrifying musical schemes already to feeble to throw the listeners off the scent, is it already just a shadow of itself? Hurry up, if you want to unearth the truth – but remind: truth is but the invention of a liar…!

“It wasn’t until I started working with Aort that I really started to formulate a real understanding of vocals and how to create the right atmosphere to metal music”, explained vocalist Kvohst lately in the interview with Olivier. “I guess I was very hungry to make my mark as an original singer. I didn’t want to ape or copy someone’s style – even though I still wasn’t entirely sure how to use my voice to its full potential.” Despite this very statement challenging the general artistic claims in the so-called extreme metal underground, it seems as if the continued collaboration with Aort (here: bass & drums) encourages Kvohst to extend the already great potential of his voice, nor has his hunger for individual expressions ceased either. Although DECREPIT SPECTRE was originally started by guitarist Heimoth (Seth, live session guitar in <code>), Kvohst’s impressed performance is the linchpin of this first unholy demonstration of spectral metal which demands to be used in cinematic dimensions. The scope of vocal arrangements on this three track mini album is as fantastic as unpretentious, and it consorts with the lyrics spreading a grave-like cold that is much closer to the original gothic horror than to what gothic is nowadays usually associated with. Not only the superior chorus of “Stranded Angels” makes me wonder indeed to what kind of music I am actually listening to, and there’s so much to discover that it’s just a pleasure to listen to this CD on repeat mode – it won’t get boring. Resemblances to other bands are partly obvious, but they don’t prevent DECREPIT SPECTRE to wipe off the daily grind clothes and to slip into obscure shrouds, presenting themselves as band of it own, fascinating the listener with a theatrical performance. That doesn’t mean that the ghosts produce an avant-garde orchestration just for the sake of avant-garde, but their sound has a rather natural feeling and like in a thrilling movie you don’t realize all the small details which contribute to the tight atmosphere. In this special case the programmed drums are no bone of contention, the short playing time is regrettable, but this mini-album wakes without doubt the hunger for more and in regard to the other artistic endeavors of the involved musicians I feel free to express my optimism for the future of DECRIPIT SPECTRE.

I can only emphasize that among the many absorbing releases by Paradigms Recordings this nice digipak with the gloomy artwork might soon become one of the most sought-after since already the fact that three (live) members  are exploring the depths of spectral metal, justifies high expectations. And so far, they haven’t been disappointed at all.

-Thor Joakimsson


Release:  24.12.2008
Label:  Paradigms Recordings
Avantgenre:  Gloomy Spectral Metal
Duration:  16:44
Origin:  France / England
Official site:
Review online since:  20.02.2009 / 18:42:49


01 – Graverider
02 – Strange Angels
03 – Coal Black Hearses

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