Delirium Bound “Delirium, Dissonance And Death” (2010)

From the shadowy wombs of expectation and no man’s land’s music, Kim Sølve’s projects have for a long time intrigued future fans from all over the world more than any concrete proof of their existence has ever been delivered. In that respect, Delirium Bound certainly is no exception, as some of us have been waiting for Delirium, Dissonance and Death since the late nineties, not really knowing, after all, what to anticipate. Well, the judgement day has come so to speak, so I will do my best to articulate what I have heard from this mercilessly pungent and barbed band, for, as you may or may not know, Kim Sølve is here supplemented by two of his scorching partners in crime, namely Bjeima (Yurei, The Ghost Conspiracy, etc.) on drums and vocals and Mannevond (Koldbrann, Urgehal, Nettlecarrier, etc.) on backing vocals. To my humble knowledge, these three senior gentlemen have never sounded angrier and meaner than during this half hour of pure, unpolished bestiality.

Before going further, let me evoke a special souvenir of mine. When Aura Noir’s Hades Rise came out in 2008, and as I was intensely listening to it and head-banging like a mad dog, I toyed with the idea of doing a review to ask AGM fans a question I still have no definite answer to: where in Hell have the ferocious and truly bad-ass features of Metal gone, in this new age of so-called psychedelism and avant-gardism? I still wonder. While I’m not suggesting that Delirium Bound might be the ultimate answer to my question, I have to say that with Delirium, Dissonance and Death, they haven’t left the ophidian mischievousness and maniacal vibes of Metal out of their blood-rushing musick. Unexpectedly, right from Panic‘s first minute, I found myself once again head-banging like there was no tomorrow, with the difference, this time around, that I became fascinated by the distinct impression that this kind of Metal is, in a subtle and coded way, somewhat more left-field and individual in nature than most other new-school explorations of the old-school. Kim’s sinuous and tightly leashed riffing outbursts are no strangers to my comments, as the man has concocted, with this album, an extremely dynamic and ebullient cocktail of corroded, fist-raising Thrash aggressiveness, disharmonic Black malice and ass-kicking, addictive organic groove. Unsurprisingly mixed by Petter Bernstein (Virus, Audiopain, Denture, etc.), the production is, in harmony with Delirium Bound’s musick, accordingly raw to the bone and completely untriggered, but also Modern enough to accentuate the guitars’ fuzzy bite and inhuman raciness, as well as the motorized bass lines’ underground grumbling. As a result, I think it would be inappropriate to pretend that Delirium, Dissonance and Death sounds like most other Metal bands around. It could only grow out of its own piece of dirt, so to speak.

I should also mention how the drum performance leaves me wordless, as it is such a perfect match with the quite uneasy music, giving it a most convincing and classy tone. Using intricate fills and creative tempo patterns whenever and however Kim’s unrelenting riffs ask for it, and obviously unafraid to literally groove his way into the songs, Bjeima will probably turn many heads towards his impressive creativity behind a drumkit. Take note of the fact that the vocals are mostly Black metal-related, screamed from the vocalists’ fierce guts, ending up as much flesh-ripping as the music needed it to intensify its quest. To resume what I’ve said, I think Delirium Bound took Voivod’s floating dissonance, Thrash metal’s restless galloping and Black metal’s queasy disturbance, to which they added their very own poisonous potion to give us a great Metal album with a personality and a style of its own. In other words, this rocks! For fans of Satyricon, Thorns, Aura Noir and everything in between and beyond. If you like your Metal dirty and stripped down to the basics though not devoid of some deadly nympholepsy and feverish delirium, I’m sure you will know where to look for next time you need your fix.

-Oliver Side


Release:  2010
Label:  Adversum Records
Avantgenre:  Black Thrash Disharmony
Duration:  31:49
Origin:  Norway
Official site:
Review online since:  17.03.2010 / 02:28:13


01 – Panic
02 – Coronated In Accidents
03 – God-faced Dogs
04 – Delirium Bound
05 – Chiseled From Darkness
06 – Zippermouth
07 – Death Kings
08 – The Ominous One
09 – Knife Point Departure

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