Cerebrum “Spectral Extravagance” (2009)

There is certainly a very technical standpoint taken by Cerebrum to deliver their thoughts to the world. The band covers a lot of ground as they display their prowess. It seems like they concentrate on every little note they play. This attention to detail can be compared to other progressive death metal outfits like Cynic, Obscura or Death and I can also see some parallels to other bands like Cryptopsy. There is an outgoing approach to drumming with a lot of diversity in their overall musical styles. In fact it seems that the drum work is perhaps the most impressive part of the disc. Everything seems to verge on the crazy side, though they keep things in check for the most part.

There’s the thought that they might cruise by without a completely cohesive nature and this is certainly a slight issue with Cerebrum. At times they are able to sound compelling, but at others they just seem to go through your senses without completely exciting you. The vocals are another point that is questionable with death grunts that are alright, but don’t excite, and clean vocals that make the occasional appearance. On the whole, Cerebrum is interesting, but I wish everything would unite together a bit better. They just seem like they need a small step to reach the next level, though they are fairly solid. “Beyond Imagination” and “Salvia Divinorium” are highlights and show that the band is becoming stronger as they progress through the work.

There’s a fair degree of tightness to be found, but not an astounding amount by any means. This leads the band to having an enjoyable sound, but one that has room for some improvement if it was solidified. Fans of the bands already mentioned should certainly check out Cerebrum to find a new unique sound in the metal genre that has a lot potential. There’s definitely a knack for technicality to be found here that is impressive and some good performances. I look forward to what the band is able to craft in the future as though Spectral Extravagance is quite good, there are definitely possibilities to get much better.

-Adam McAuley


Release:  2009
Label:  Lacerated Enemy Records
Avantgenre:  Progressive Avantgarde Death Metal
Duration:  42:45
Origin:  Greece
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/cerebrum
Review online since:  03.03.2010 / 17:51:13


1 – Fragments Of Illusion
2 – Scatter-Brain
3 – Pattern Of Fear
4 – Intolerable Ado
5 – Epiphysis Thrive
6 – Edge Of Parallel Circles
7 – Beyond Imagination
8 – Thorns Of Weakness
9 – Salvia Divinorum
10 – The Prologue Of Completion (instrumental)
11 – Shreds Of Remains

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