Castevet “Mounds of Ash” (2010)

Beats that pound like a heavier rain. When this raining takes off, up to down, it’s like a grand thrashing of coldness right in the face. A gust of iron blizzard blinds my eyes into a menacing cold whiteness of diluvial riffs that shroud a falling, pounding soil torn apart by the cataclism, thrown into an abyss of white nothingness where it contorts like paper on fire.

The percussive soil entwined together with the waters like an Ouroboros, the perfectly fitting pieces of bass and drum crafted by the hands of Gods driving the world’s hearse in procession, sometimes solemn but heavy-walking, sometimes desctructive while sweeping everything at its passing.

Land masses shake, crackle, hiss, lament their ongoing perfect deformity. Vibrating, wavering, travelling in violent successions of earthquakes and the bloom of monumental stone gardens, the lands sing their formation through destruction.

Songs of earthly cycles of gigantic replacements of continents and rivers, ravaging oceans and shattering desolate deserts turning into chasms that sound the horns from the guts of the earth, dissonant grunts sung.

The glory of inert creation, too slow for the human to notice, too fast for the void to withstand.

In case you aren’t familiar with the album and can’t feel related to this text, you may need further guidance.


Release:  2010
Label:  Profound Lore
Avantgenre:  Continent Shaping Metal
Duration:  39:47
Origin:  New York, in the US
Official site:
Review online since:  09.12.2010 / 14:13:26


01 – Red Star Sans Chastity
02 – Mounds Of Ash
03 – Grey Matter
04 – Red Aura
05 – Stones
06 – Wreathed In Smoke
07 – Harvester

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