Carnival in Coal “French Cancan” (1999)

This is once again a band from the land that brought you 1789 and a president that looks like Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan as shown here.

But let us stick to the musical facts. Carnival in coal do a lot of covering on this album, so why not cover a movie for this review? That’s why I made a screenshot per song of this album out of the sleazy Italian classic “Discesa all’inferno” (aka Italian Inferno; aka Satanic Inferno) by Mario Salieri from 1991. The quality of the images has got nothing to do with the quality of the album, it’s more an insight into to cheap VHS to Divx digitalisation.

Please find the timestamps next to the songnumber for neat reference.

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  1999
Label:  Kodiak
Avantgenre:  Pr0np0p
Duration:  40:54
Origin:  France
Official site:
Review online since:  21.08.2007 / 21:28:06


01 – Bark At The Moon
02 – Out Of Misery
03 – Maniac
04 – Piranha
05 – My Favourite Armchair
06 – Baker Street
07 – Fall From Grace
08 – Mama
09 – Fucking Hostile

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