Bristol Meyers Squibb “Easy Listening Aggravation” (1998-2002)

This is some rocking stuff!! Fast techno beats, aggro-metal, and a distinct mood that is as influenced by Orbital as it is by Screw. This avoids most clichés native to the industrial metal genre, by incorporating elements of world beat as well as jungle to alternately ambient and violent mix of Sonics. I am not kidding when I say this is some of the most original and invigorating stuff have heard under the avant garde metal banner.

There is also a pseudo-black metal feel to the more frantic sections, but again without the clichéd riffing, chord sequences or patented grim mood. A single song features up to six to seven different vocal style, and twice as many sample sources, besides the backbone of thrash riffing and techno drum n bass. I love the carefree attitude the band projects in their compositions, unrestricted by imagery or concerns of uniformity. This is all over the map. You could be sweating in a club to this, and the next moment stabbing someone to the same rhythm (without once coming close to eyeliner or latex-wear even once in the proceedings). I was going to use different songs as examples to dissect, but as the album progressed I gave up on this endeavour as a lost cause. Sometimes you just have to listen and learn. The only reason I can think its obscurity is the lack of distribution by the concerned parties and the sheer honesty of the music. As well as the sudden bursts of hyper techno speed. Think hardcore techno as envisioned by a Ministry/Aborym cover band, with a schizophrenic sampler. Lovely!

Anyone remotely claiming to be into any kind of AGM needs this NOW! Really, I haven’t used these many exclamations in a review ever. My only gripe would be the 128 kbs sampling rate of the mp3 which simply does not do justice to the dense Sonics.



Release:  1998-2002
Label:  Self Released
Avantgenre:  Experimental Techno Metal
Duration:  32:14
Origin:  France
Official site:
Review online since:  03.12.2007 / 19:21:34


01 – Antadis Prozone
02 – Solariphobia
03 – O Cold Sweet Night
04 – Mydriase Arret-Active
05 – The Odysselium Complete
06 – B-Fiction (inspired By SUP)
07 – SUP Correlative Transfert (Tribute To SUP)
08 – Solariphobia (First Mix)
09 – Beasty Boys Remix

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