Burial Chamber Trio “Burial Chamber Trio” (2007)

The review consists of three proclamations:

First. Attila Csihar is not only the proof of evolution, but also proof of the theory that man is of extraterrestrial origin.

Second. Oren Ambarchi is the person who reinvented the guitar.

Third. Gold is silence. Greg Anderson is Sound.

Furthermore the writer complains how hard it is to utilize words when describing this block of sound. The writer will be bold to conclude that the sound may be named music.

The music.

Consists of vocals. Mostly or thoroughly non verbal language is used while interpreting the music. Is there a better person who can do it than A.C. Remember the awful inhuman vocals and screaming of Mayhem’s “Ordo ab Chao”? These sounds resemble the ones you’ve heard on OAC but, in collision with the music, are more silent and subtle but never lacking the power and the feeling of insane.

The sound itself resembles SunnO))), just with less impact and destruction, with more ambience and longer, low end controlled feedbacks and hidden “licks”.

I don’t know what words to use to describe the dark, slow, sticky and insane sound and atmosphere with it’s low end drones and high buzzing has to offer. Perhaps an “other side” experience. Beyond the grave? Or beyond the music?

As silent as a burial chamber.

As massive as a gravestone.

As disturbing as it can get…..



Release:  2007.
Label:  Southern Lord
Avantgenre:  Doneterror
Duration:  32:53
Origin:  USA
Official site:  None
Review online since:  13.09.2008 / 16:31:06


01 – Side A
02 – Side B

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