Animal Alpha “You Pay For The Whole Seat (But You’ll Only Need The Edge)” (2008)

First of all, Animal Alpha don’t make typical avantgarde-metal music. So if you, dear reader, don’t listen to anything else, if you’re not at least a little openminded, you can stop reading this review right now. Animal Alpha make music, that crosses the edges between rock, punk and metal, I’d say. Some songs sound more like rock, some songs more like metal. However, the singer Agnete Kjølsrud shows that her voice is aggressive enough to be considered a total metal female. In fact, her singing changes from quirky tones to brutal screams just to change again into clean strong vocals like a rock lady. So in my opinion the vocals are the most avantgarde part of this band. The music itself varying, but not so experimental, yet it’s good. In the end it all fits perfectly together, the singing dominates throughout all songs and that is just wonderful. The lyrics are quite interesting, as well, because they perfectly describe Animal Alpha’s raw punk metal attitude. Just give it a try. There are slow ballads, rock/metal songs and screams and squeaks. You’ll surely find something you’ll like.

Songs you should check out:
– Bundy (in my opinion their best song ever)
– Even When I’m Wrong I’m Right (for all metal weirdos, the chorus will scream your mind out of you)
– In The Barn (a rather soft song, very interesting lyrics)

-Kevin Reichel


Release:  2008
Label:  Unknown
Avantgenre:  Quirky Punk Rock Chick Metal
Duration:  33:38
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  None
Review online since:  15.09.2009 / 13:26:14


01 – Bundy
02 – Pin You All
03 – Master Of Disguise
04 – Fire! Fire! Fire!
05 – Alarm
06 – Breed Again
07 – In The Barn
08 – Even When I’m Wrong I’m Right
09 – Tricky Threesome

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