Arcturus “The Sham Mirrors”

30. April 2018 David 0

I have many good memories about this album. Not just linked to the music at hand but most of all to the mind shifts it escorted me through! This album was my first conscious encounter […]


Arcturus “Disguised Masters” (1999)

30. April 2018 Ulv 0

Following their Norwegian tradition of varying their previous work * Arcturus managed to create an absolutely mind blasting remake of their own tracks from the previous, just as twisted album, “La Masquerade Infernale”. The idea […]


Arcturus “La Masquerade Infernale” (1997)

30. April 2018 James Slone 0

“La Maquerade Infernale” was and remains a tremendously influential album. Arcturus was largely responsible for popularizing a more theatrical strand of atmospheric metal, and “La Masquerade” was the band’s defining statement, a grotesque and vaudevillian […]


Arcturus “Sideshow Symphonies” (2005)

30. April 2018 Polygon 0

Arcturus is a band which is rated as the main artistic driving force of a free-spirited, unorthodox and freaky generation of musicians. Artists who decided to leave the borders of traditional metal music behind to […]


Aosoth “IV: An Arrow In Heart” (2013)

30. April 2018 Mystery Flame 0

Aosoth was noted for delivering a product of superior quality with their merciless previous album “III: Violence & Variations”, a scathing, lethal example of avant black metal where bleak dissonance and soul-crushing droning copulated copiously […]


Ansur “Warring Factions” (2008)

30. April 2018 aVoid 0

First, some clarification and explanation is needed before beginning the review. There is progressive music, and then there is avant-garde music. The same music some might claim (perhaps not on this website though, but elsewhere […]

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