Aenaon / Stielas Storhett “Er/ Alter Ego” (2012)

Greek avantgarde black metal act AENAON and the atmospheric one-man black metal piece STIELAS STORHETT decided to combine their unique and diverse musical competences offering an exceptional new release, different and enthralling especially for the black metal standards of today.

Originating from the ancient lands of Greece, AENAON introduces its own interpretation of Plato’s conclusion of the ‘Republic’ through the six minutes Er is comprised by. Of course the theme holds a strong significance to the Greek history thus the song is very well balanced and worked between lyrics and music, both of them functioning as a great portayal of Er’s life,death and ranbling through the cosmos and the afterlife. Musically, AENAON is found doing what they do best and that’s experimental black metal leaning towards a progressive direction. The band is not afraid to push the boundaries with the addition of a poem recitation of the ‘The Last Stallion’ by Greek poet George Seferis which is very cleverly used and adds greatly to the story telling as well as the general aesthetic of the song, being narrated in Greek language actually helps a lot on that as well. The poem’s repose is followed by a calm but rather dark and emotional instrumental section where piano and saxophone are the only instruments before the band comes crushing again with a catastrophic outburst that continues the song ending Er’ s vain wandering. A brilliant composition that combines some of extreme’s metal finest elements,a kaleidoscoping mix of influences that will establish AENAON as a great up and coming Avantgarde-metal band.

Same thing can be said for STIELAS STORHETT as well, hailing from the edge of the Earth in the Russian North, who offer a fascinating opus reflecting the fraudulent humanity and its treacherous ALTER EGO. This time the music is more raw and ethereal with various guitars layering melodies and riffs tied together, but with clean guitar sections along with moody and ambient passages that balance the song turning the following parts into an even more grandiose and expressive build-up. The music here is less complex and progressive but that stands ass something positive as the feelings of melancholy and desperation that evoke in this very song are more than enough to complete the essence of ALTER EGO, and consequently the essence the band wants to give.

All in all, ER is but an avantgarde, progressive song in the usual vein of AENAON, whereas ALTER EGO is more of a traditional black metal song of the third generation (if there is even such categorization), filled with epic melodies and dark passages that characterize STIELAS STORHETT heavily. Both songs were written and recorded exclusively for this split release so they are not far from one another but each band has managed to present its distinctive sound and musical individuality, providing their alternative vision of the Black Metal scene, structuring an interesting and considerable effort. Both songs were interesting enough to convince one to take deeper look into each band’s previous efforts, and for that sole reason I have admit that the purpose of the split is pretty much accomplished. An essential musical collaboration that crosses the black metal music with feeling uttering the experimental needs of free thinking musicians that fans of avantgarde music will definitely find themselves eager to delve into.

-Lefteris Kefalas


Release:  12.12.2012
Label:  Possession Productions
Avantgenre:  Black Metal Flavored Mythology
Duration:  12 Minutes
Origin:  Greece/ Russia
Official site:
Review online since:  13.12.2012 / 00:35:53



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